Mine Suda Takamizawa is a book designer who has been professionally designing books for and at publishers in NYC and Tokyo.
She’s specialized in, but not limited to, visual oriented books such as artist monographs, exhibition catalogues, and photo books, while exploring possibilities of text-oriented publications from poetry books to scholastic essays, in a way both creative and functional.
With expertise in typography, she’s experienced with typeset in multiple languages, especially Japanese or English, and both in bilingual layouts implementing effortless readability.

She has BFAs for Graphic Design from University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba City and from School of Visual Arts, NYC.
Her works awarded by: American Alliance of Museums’ Museum Publications Design Competition and Art Directors Club.
Featured in: Print Regional Design Annual,  Graphis New Talent Design Annual, PDN, and IDEA.​​​​​​​
Born and bread in Izumo, Shimane, and after a couple of decades of life in NYC, she now resides and works in Yokohama, Japan.
She’s willing to travel anywhere in the world to get a new wonderful book project started.


掲載誌:Print Regional Design Annual、Graphic New Talent Design annual、PDN、アイデア
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